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Greetings from Beaver Cove Camps!

As the 2016 year comes to a close, the current chapter of Beaver Cove Camps also comes to a close. We have been operating the camps for the past 16 years and have made many friends, have cataloged a lot of great experiences, and fortunately, only had a very small number of bad ones (can count on my one hand how many those are). We are not going anywhere though as when we built our home, we built it to retire here.

We thank everyone who has stayed with us over the past 16 years for being a part of this chapter of our lives.

Our weathercam, in operation for over 16 years, has now been moved to the website for Marilyn's successful fabric store; Crazy Moose Fabrics located in Greenville, ME. You can go to the new home of the weathercam by clicking here.